Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas Trees

Choose Your Perfect Tree!

Available in store from the 19th of November

It’s the festive focal point, adorned with decorations and lights and filling your home with that special seasonal scent, so which tree will it be?

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Low needle drop makes the Nordmann Fir our best-stelling tree! It boasts a lovely symmetrical shape, good dense branches and glossy, dark green needles that are soft to touch - perfect if you have little ones.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Known as the original Christmas tree, great for outdoors. The Norway spruce is a beautiful shape with a lovely scent, but won’t hold its needles well, so must be kept cool and watered daily.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

An exquisite Christmas tree with branches turning slightly upward and small needles that are dark green in colour. This tree offers excellent needle retention and a gentle scent.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

3 essential steps to keep your tree looking tip top…

  1. Store your tree in a garage or conservatory for a couple of days to allow it to gradually adjust to room temperature
  2. Always cut a few centimetres off the bottom of your tree and plant in a stand with a water reservoir, then water regularly – they’re thirsty and can drink a pint a day!
  3. Once the net is removed, leave your tree overnight to let the branches drop before decorating

Will you fake it?

Choose from our wonderful selection of artificial Christmas Trees to add a beautiful festive centrepiece to your home. Our team in-store will help you get the tree for you or you can visit our online store and have it delivered!

Artificial Christmas Trees