Prepare for the cold!

Use fleece to protect tender plants or move them into a green house or conservatory to prepare for the cold weather to come. Prune climbing and rambling roses, then tie in the stems to prevent damage.

Plant tulip bulbs

Tulips are amongst the most popular of bulbs, valued for their brilliant flower colours and shapes. Plant your bulbs at least twice the bulb’s width apart, and at a depth of two or three times the bulb's height. Plant now to enjoy a wonderful spring display!

Cut back perennials

Now is an ideal time to cut back perennials that have died down now that flowering has finished. This will help to improve their appearance and flowering!

Add winter colour

Brighten up your garden with beautiful bursts of winter colour from our seasonal selection of bedding plants. Pansies, Violas, Ivy and Dwarf Conifers will help bring your garden to life with that much needed splash of instant colour. Alternatively, pick up one of our gorgeousplanted baskets or containers instore.

Raise up your containers

In wet weather, raise your pots and containters up off the ground on ‘feet’ or similar to keep the bottom of the pot out of the water. Remember to remove saucers in winter!

Provide protection for wildlife

Offer refuge for garden birds through the winter months by providing a healthy supply of food and water. Feed our feathery friends with a high energy diet such including soft crumb mix and suet balls over the coming months and reap the rewards with a wildlife haven in your garden.