Hello Summer!! The days are longer, it's warmer outside and the sun is shining so it’s time to make sure that your garden is in good shape for the summer months.

June is a great month to keep your fingers green as there's plenty to do so, read on to find out the key things to do in your garden this month…

water your garden this month


As the warmer weather arrives, your garden will need regular watering. The best time, we recommend, is early evening time and twice a day for hanging baskets and containers during very hot spells. You can take the strain out of watering this summer with a watering system to water your plants even when you’re out at work or away on holiday. Just see our team in store who can advise you.

Also in the garden this month...

As well as watering, make sure you feed all your plants by applying a liquid fertiliser regularly or add a controlled-release fertiliser to soil or compost for a long lasting feed.

If your lawn looks tired, give it a boost with a liquid feed now and choose a feed, weed and moss killer if you need to tackle weeds and moss.

As the temperatures rise, pests can really take hold in summer so check plants daily and deal with any problems promptly to beat the bugs. Slugs and snails are always an issue in our changeable climate but our experts in store can advise on the right remedy to tackle specific problems.

Deadhead regularly to remove dead flowers from your bedding plants as they fade, it keeps plants looking tidy and encourages new growth.

Regular weeding will reap rewards and we recommend regularly hoeing to keep on top of weeds – once a week is ideal. Choose a dry, sunny day so the uprooted weeds shrivel on the soil Keep an eye out for signs of disease as it can really take hold in summer, so check plants daily and deal with any problems promptly.

Plant fast growing annual climbers such as morning glory and canary creeper to hide eyesores in the garden.

Fill in any gaps in your borders by adding instant summer colour to your garden with summer flowering plants such as Fucias, Dahlias and Begonias.

Hanging baskets and containers provide a quick and easy way to add colour to your garden allowing you to decorate your walls, fences and patios with colourful flowers!