Gardening tips for July with our team at Tong Garden Centre

Here comes the summer sun!! We can't wait to enjoy lazy summer days, firing up the BBQ and enjoying some outdoor fun. Here at Tong, we've got all the essentials to celebrate summer with family and friends. And to keep your garden in top shape, take a look at our quick guide, full of hints and tips from our team here at Tong.

It's very important to water daily, especially during hot spells. The best time to water plants is early in the evening to minimise evaporation but your pots and containers may benefit from watering twice a day. If you're going away then consider an automatic watering system as they are very easy to install - just ask a member of our team if you need any advice.

Give your plants a good feed by applying a liquid fertiliser regularly or add a controlled-release fertiliser to soil or compost for a long lasting feed.

Give your garden a fantastic centre-piece by creating an alpine garden. Alpines are amazing plants for British gardens. They can be planted in containers, in a gravel bed or as part of a rockery. There are so many to choose form so take a look at our display and ask our expert team for ideas on how to make the most of Alpines. Click left to see ITV's Love Your Garden presenter, Katie Rushworth's quick five minute guide.

looking after your lawn as, at this time of year, the lawn is actively growing. So mow regularly but don't be tempted to cut too short. Treat weeds and moss by applying a lawn feed to keep it looking green and healthy.

With your flowers in bloom it's important to keep deadheading to encourage more flowers as the plant will send up new shoots. A quick tip is to snip back to the nearest leaf joint to avoid die back.

Beat the bugs and pests with the right treatment. Just see our team in-store for help finding the right product for your problem.

Encourage wild birds into your garden this summer by feeding them seed mixes and fatty snacks. If you keep feeding the birds they will repay you by keeping bugs at bay by acting as a natural predator for other garden pests.

Give your garden a glow by using garden lighting to extend your summer evenings and enhance focal points in your garden. They will look pretty along your beds or borders and you can choose lanterns or string lights to add atmosphere.

Whether dining indoors or outdoors this summer, add something special to your meals by growing your own salad as they are the freshest. For a continual supply of salad leaves all summer long, sow into growbags or planters every few weeks. For a quick and easy tutorial, have a watch of Katie Rushworth's creative way of growing a salad below. As always, if you have any questions or queries just speak to our team in-store or email us at