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We're here to help you keep your garden looking great and discover what will grow well in your plot - whether you're growing your own, adding to beds and borders or dealing with problem pests. You'll find all the leading brands in store and all the essentials to tackle any job in your garden. For all the hints, tips and advice from our team here at Tong, then click here!

Plants are our passion and with one of the biggest outdoor plant departments in Yorkshire, we pride ourselves on bringing you quality and choice. Helping you to discover what will grow well in your plot is our mission - whether you have a large outdoor space, a small patio or even a balcony. The team at Tong offer the expertise and range to ensure you can add colour, texture and interest all year round.

Jobs for the Garden

Summer is just around the corner and our gardens are hotting up! Everything is now coming into bloom and there are lots of opportunities for you to be out in the garden.

Here's just a few tips to keep your garden in tip-top shape, ready for you to enjoy the summer months.

Keep on top of weeding

Your precious plants shouldn't have to compete for water, light and nutrients. Apply a weed killer such as Roundup Weedkiller, which delivers quick results, even on tough weeds, so they don't come back!


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Green up your lawn

Green up your lawn

Keep your lawn looking fantastic during the summer by applying a feed such as Solabiol Top Lawn Organic Lawn Feed. It will condition and feed for a greener, stronger and healthier lawn without the risk of scorching. Remember to keep your lawns well-watered during any hot weather.

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Control these pests

Keep an eye out for slugs, aphids, vine weevil, scarlet lily beetles and any other pests that may be causing damage to your plants! Slugs will attack your young plants so invest in a pest control such as Slug Gone Pellets to ensure your plants are protected.


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Feed the Flowers

Get the very best from your plants with a good feed. We recommend Miracle Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food, which will provide your plants with the essential nutrients required for optimium growth and flowering. Apply to plants in your containers, hanging baskets and borders and feed weekly until late summer.

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Expert Advice


In the warm weather it's very important you check your plants on a daily basis and water them if the soil is dry - especially newly planted trees and shrubs that are still getting established!

The team at Tong recommends watering early in the morning or late evening during the height of summer.

Love your Lawn

Keen to be Green

We're continually working hard to be an environmentally friendly business, offering our customers green choices and great ideas for an even greener garden!

Monthly Guides

Monthly Gardening Guide

Each month has it's own special requirements, that's why Team Tong is delighted to share with you our expert tips to ensure you make the most from your garden all year long! Remember to check back for the latest update.

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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

We're here to help you keep your garden looking great as well as discover what will grow well in your plot - whether you're growing your own, adding to beds and borders or dealing with problem pests.

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Plants for Purpose

Plants for Purpose

Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants

Beautiful Bulbs

Beautiful Bulbs

Here to Help


Our team have bags of knowledge in their specialist areas. No question is too silly, please just ask!

Hardy Plants


We carefully select great quality plants that are guaranteed to grow so, providing you keep the receipt and look after the plant we'll happily replace your hardy plant if it fails.

Carry to Car


Please ask for help with heavier or bulky items. We'll happily take items to the till and load them into your car for you.

Inspired by Katie

"How to ...." Video Guides

Katie Rushworth at Tong Garden Centre

Katie's Planter Guide

Katie Rushworth's Planter Guide



This time of year can be tough for garden birds...

Our feathery friends remain active and will continue to visit gardens in search of food even during the cold snap. Help them survive the winter months by providing them with plenty of food and water when they visit. Here are our top bird feeding tips.

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Birdcare Offer

Visit our new birdcare department where you'll find a superb selection of birdcare products from feeds and seeds, bird boxes and feeding stations.

Now situated next to Maidenhead Aquatics, take advantage of our fantastic offers to entice our favourite feathery friends back into our gardens!