It's the month of love and the days are getting longer, so it's time to dust off your garden wear and step out into your Green Room as there's plenty to be getting on with in the garden. Our experts here at Tong are ready to help you get set to grow!

Sow your seeds indoors such as herbs, vegetables and summer bedding plants such as dianthus, lobelia, ageratum and geranium. When planting your vegetable seeds just be sure to house them in a greenhouse or a heated propagator until the weather gets warmer.

Plant your summer bulbs as they'll bring you stunning colours and a beautiful fragrances as we parepare to welcome back the warm sunshine. When it comes to planting then Phil, our garden care supervisor, has this advice...

“Bulbs are a really cost effective and rewarding way to fill your garden with summer colour, but be choosy! Bulbs should be firm with no trace of mould, the rule of thumb is the bigger the bulb, the bigger the bloom!”

For more hints and tips, as well as our teams top five favourites then just click on our summer flowering bulb guide below.

Show your lawn some love by giving it a good rake to get rid of fallen leaves, moss and other debris. A great technique to get rid of moss is to aerate your lawn. This is a simple technique that creates air pockets that will help remove moss and encourage route growth

If the soil has warmed up then it's a great time to plant climbers and roses such as clematis, ivy, honeysuckle, virginia creeper and roses to provide colour, height and interest in your garden.

Thinking about growing your own spuds? Then now is the time to buy seed potatoes and get chitting! It’s also time to start your onion sets, garlic, asparagus and rhubarb.

Look out for our feathery friends by keeping them well fed and by giving them a home during the nesting season. Keep bird feeders well stocked, supply fresh water every day and add a nesting box to attract more birds to your garden. They will repay your kindness in the warmer months by eliminating unwanted pests from your garden.