katie rushworth

  1. Winter Gardens

    Winter Gardens

    Winter is upon us and with Christmas round the corner it shouldn’t just be the house that gets decked out with festive cheer! There is lots of beauty and colour to be had in the garden too, you just need a little imagination.

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  2. Dress Your Door with Katie Rushworth

    Dress Your Door with Katie Rushworth

    Ever had a go at making your own Xmas wreath? It's one of my favourite things to do and so satisfying, especially when most of it has been cut off from the garden.

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  3. Katie Rushworth's latest project

    Katie Rushworth's latest project

    This month I designed a garden for a Norwegian TV show ‘Hagetid’ which in English translates to ‘Garden Time’ It’s a very similar concept to ‘Love your Garden’ which I work on in the UK.

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