Wonderful wildlife

Wildlife is an underused garden tool that benefits the garden, the gardener and the planet – do your bit this year and see what you can manage to tempt in!

Most of us love our garden being filled with wildlife – whether it’s butterflies, bees, birds or something else! If you pick the correct plants and supply food, water and shelter, your garden can become a wildlife haven, bringing all kinds of benefits with it!

Plant for wildlife

Make your garden flutter by adding a selection of pollen-rich plants such as Buddleja and Hebes. Their constant source of nectar is perfect for attracting butterflies and bees to your garden all year round.

Feed the birds

It’s still important to keep your bird feeders filled during spring with a variety of nuts and seeds, including sunflower hearts and peanuts. Continuing to offer food will encourage birds to return to your garden and they will help remove any unwanted pests.

Attract something new

Invite hedgehogs to your garden this spring with a hedgehog home. These little wooden shelters, placed in a shady, quiet area, can create a safe home for our prickly little friends. Just add dried leaves or pet straw inside and see how many you can attract this year!