Treat, Trim & Tidy

It's time to head outdoors as we help you to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead. Here are our five top tips to help you get a head start on winter!

Secateurs at the ready with the help of our team at Tong Garden Centre


Pruning your shrubs and trees now will help them come back stronger next year and hopefully avoid losing shape when the winter gales and heavy frosts set in. It will also allow you to remove any damage or disease before it spreads to the rest of your garden. Fiona’s advice - get trimming now!

Make your paths picturesque with the help of our team here at Tong Garden Centre


For a pristine path, Phil recommends Algon Organic Path, Patio & Decking cleaner which will help restore virtually any surface back to its best and it’s so easy to use. There’s no scrubbing or scraping, simply apply and let it do the rest.

Love your lawn with the help of our team at Tong Garden Centre


Our lawns have suffered in the sweltering summer heat but our grass will recover! Now is the time to nourish with a high potash feed, followed by over-seeding to ensure lush, new growth in spring. Colin suggests top dressing your lawn too as this will help improve the quality of your soil, ensuring your grass springs back to life.

Provide protection for wildlife with the help of our team at Tong Garden Centre


Offer refuge for garden birds through the winter months by providing a healthy supply of food and water. Feed our feathery friends with a high energy diet including soft crumb mix and suet balls over the coming months and reap the rewards with a wildlife haven in your garden.

Tidy your borders with the help of our team at Tong Garden Centre


Autumn provides an ideal opportunity to give your borders a good tidy. Joe wants you to remember to dig up annuals, remove weeds and plant autumn bedding such as Pansies and Wallflowers. It always helps to spread compost or well-rotted manure over the soil to insulate plant roots.

My planter recipe by ITV Love Your Garden presenter Katie Rushworth at Tong Garden Centre

Katie's Planter Recipe

ITV's Love Your Garden presenter Katie Rushworth loves clashes of colour in the garden. That’s why last autumn at Tong, she underplanted her pots and borders with orange and purple tulips - which certainly didn’t disappoint this spring! You can recreate this look with her three step guide...

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