Size DOES matter...

As the garden wakes up it's the perfect time of the year to plant your summer flowering bulbs as they'll bring you stunning colours and a beautiful fragrance as we prepare to welcome back the warm sunshine! 

Phil, our Garden Care Supervisor, says that size does matter when choosing your bulbs as the bigger the bulb the better the bloom! He also adds...

“Timing is crucial – plant your bulbs as soon as the weather takes a turn for the better and the ground begins to warm up. In the meantime, store them in a cool but frost-free environment.”

We have a terrific choice of bulbs in-store but our team have shared their top five favourites below…

Invaluable in the summer border and perfect for cutting, dahlias are easy to grow and colourful, often with showy flowers. They are however tender so you must remember to lift them at the start of winter and store in a cool, frost free place.

With their showy flower heads in a wide range of sizes and shades, they’re perfect for bridging the gap between late summer into early autumn. Purple sensation is a stunning allium and will thrive in sunny spot.

Growing tall and available in a rainbow of colours, gladioli create a dramatic and vibrant border backdrop.

An impressive addition to your garden if you have rich, well-drained soil and a partially-shaded area, plus they smell wonderful!

Ideal for both sunny and shady spots in your garden plus they grow easily and offer a showy bloom making it a gardeners’ favourite. 

Don't forget to keep your bulbs in a frost-free and cool environment. The key time to plant is as soon as the weather takes a turn for the better and when your soil begins to warm up.