Planting for a colourful season ahead!

Now the long winter is over, we should all have a spring in our step! The garden is bursting into life and it’s the perfect time to plant for a colourful season ahead! Here’s just a few of our favourites to add to your garden this spring...


For a sea of instant colour in your garden add an array of bedding plants. One of Andy’s favourites is Petunias. Their big, beautiful flowers create a superb spectacle when planted in groups! There is fantastic range of bedding plants in store now - get the best from your bedding by deadheading. Simply remove the dead flowers as they fade to keep plants looking tidy and encourage new blooms!


With an array of striking colours, shapes, scents and sizes, plant summer flowering bulbs such as Crocosmia and Iris for a showy summer display! James loves Dahlias – they’re easy to grow, work brilliantly in a mixed border and provide superb cut flowers! We also love Alliums!  These show stoppers flower from early summer and look wonderful at the back of your borders with their tall, eye-catching flower heads!



To create the classic cottage garden style, Fiona recommends herbaceous perennials. They pop up every year and are the mainstay of beds and borders by providing form and structure. Polemonium, Phlox and Bergenia never disappoint and Steve, Tong’s plant buyer, loves Scabious! They produce fabulous, long-lasting flowers in vibrant colours – brilliant for brightening up any shady spot.



Whether it’s potatoes, onion sets, herbs or even your own fruit tree, there’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own produce. Colin suggests planting a self-fertile plum tree! Sweet and succulent, they will provide for the family for years to come!