Plant of the Month

The team at Tong have chosen Japanese Anemone as our plant of the month! 

Japanese Anemones are herbaceous perennials and are great for providing colour in late summer and autumn.

A favourite of butterflies and bees, there are so many beautiful varieties, including our favourites – ‘September Charm’, ‘Whirlwind’ and ‘Bowles Pink’.

Our Top 3 Anemones Tips

  1. Japanese Anemones are perfect for planting in semi-shade but will tolerate full sun as long as there is sufficient moisture. Too much shade can cause the plant to become leggy so be careful when deciding where to plant.
  2. Like many Asian plants, Anemones are used to summer rainfall and good winter drainage so these anemones need fertile soil that does not become waterlogged in winter. Remember to add a soil conditioner when planting!
  3. Anemones produce masses of flowers between late summer and autumn and look fantastic as cut flowers as well.

Garden Care - Cut back the stalks after the flowers have faded. Tidy up old dead leaves in March and apply a generous 5-7cm mulch of well-rotted garden compost or manure around the base of the plant in spring.