Love your lawn

There is no better month than April to give your lawn a little love! Our experts here at Tong recommend a few simple ground rules to help you transform your compacted grass into a luscious lawn that will make others green with envy!

STEP 1 - Aerate and top dress

Aeration will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots and encourage strong, vigorous growth. Look for areas with yellow or brown patches and follow Phil's three step guide.

aerate your lawn

1 - Plant your aerator into the ground - you can use a fork to a depth of about 6cm, but personally I recommend a hollow tine aerator. Simply push into your lawn - this releases soil from the ground - and repeat at 30cm intervals in the affected area.

2 - Spread lawn sand over your lawn focusing on the areas you've spiked.

3 - Brush lawn sand into the holes as this will further help with drainage and moss prevention.

STEP 2 - scarify to remove moss and thatch

If you have applied a moss control product, the moss will turn black within a couple of days so you’ll need to rake it out using a spring tine rake with good downward pressure or use a scarifier, which is useful for larger areas.

Phil, our Garden Care supervisor says, "The lawn will look a bit of a mess immediately afterwards, but it doesn’t take long to recover and will benefit greatly from this treatment."

scarify to remove moss and thatch
feed your lawn

STEP 3 - feed your lawn

Giving your lawn a good feed with lawn fertiliser makes the grass greener, grow thicker and increase its strength, vigour and health. This makes it more robust and better equipped to compete with weeds, moss and weather-related stresses. Apply a spring feed and tackle weeds and moss at the same time with a combined feed, weed and moss-killer. It's best to apply this when rain is forecast or, if there is no rain due, then simply water in within 24 hours after application.

If your lawn is particularly weedy, treat with a liquid lawn weed-killer such as Weedol Lawn Weed Killer or Resolva Lawn Weed Killer.

Over-seeding a lawn is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to rejuvenate and thicken grass. Essentially, over-seeding is the application of grass seed over an existing lawn. The seed is applied at roughly half the rate of that given for sowing a new lawn. If you do over-seed in spring, avoid putting a high nitrogen lawn fertiliser on until the seed is established.

If your lawn is in good shape then you could be ready for your first mow of the season. Just wait for a nice dry day and be sure to have the blade on a high setting. 

For more hints and tips, our helpful team in-store are always happy to advise you, alternatively you can email us at