Katie's Planter Guide | ITV's Love Your Garden | Katie Rushworth

In ITV's Love Your Garden presenter's latest blog she helps you recreate one of the stunning looks from her Show Garden here at Tong Garden Centre...

I love clashes of colour in the garden. That’s why last autumn at Tong, I underplanted my pots and borders with orange and purple tulips - they certainly didn’t disappoint this spring!

Recreate my look by following these simple steps to create a show-stopping display in your garden next year!


Pick your container and place a handful of crocks or broken pot over the drainage holes before adding your compost.


Plant your bulbs at a depth roughly 2-3 times the height of the bulbs to give them enough room to work their magic. When planting bulbs, I like to add a few good scoops of bulb fibre to help encourage strong root growth.


Now add seasonal bedding for an autumn display. Cordylines and Heucheras would also inject a sprinkling of colour over the wintry months, preparing you for a burst of excitement when your beautiful bulbs shoot through in the spring.