Katie Rushworth's Top Three Picks for May

Katie Rushworth’s three plant picks for May are available along with advice on where to plant, conditions for care and how they’ll fit in your year round garden!

Katie Rushworth's top 3 picks for May Camassia


Why? Often an overlooked perennial bulb but totally worth a spot in any garden due to their stunning tall blue spires.

Where? Camassia look great in groups or woven through a bed to give a more naturalistic feel.

When? Their beautiful buds are produced in late Spring and flowers in early Summer. When in bloom, feel free to cut the flowers and create spectacular arrangements.

Katie Rushworth's top 3 picks for May Choisya


Why? This variety of Choisya is a super little evergreen with delicate foliage and fragrant star-shaped white flowers.

Where? These are perfect for the middle or back of a border with the tiny, white clusters of flowers bringing a splash of colour to your garden.

When? The fragrant blooms first appear in Spring but give a second flush in late Summer.

Katie Rushworth's top 3 picks for May Geums


Why?A must in every garden due to their showstopping long stems and beautiful colour combinations.

Where?For Geums to flourish remember to plant in partial shade and in moisture retentive soil. Their impressive stature means they are perfect for the middle or back of a border.

When?Geums flower from late Spring into Summer and sometime as late as Autumn making them an excellent addition to a year-round garden.

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