Katie Rushworth's Top Three Picks for April

Katie Rushworth’s three plant picks for April are available along with advice on where to plant, conditions for care and how they’ll fit in your year round garden!



Why? Anemone Blanda are a favourite of mine as they can grow almost anywhere and will add an explosion of colour to your garden.

How? These are excellent for planting under the skirts of deciduous shrubs and trees and can even be grown in a pot.

When? This perennial bulb comes to life in the spring with its exquisite, blue blooms which work well with the Clematis Alpina I chose last month.



Why? With their delicate clusters of pretty flowers, they look fabulous early in the year when most things are still waking up from their winter slumber.

Where? Happy in semi-shade, you can plant them nestled under bushes and trees or a spot in the garden that the sun won't reach all day.

Care? Planted out in April, you'll need to keep them well watered and remember to cut the wilting flowers off and remove tatty leaves.



Why? Euphorbia are big, showy plants with lime green bracts. A versatile shrub, it likes a sunny spot but will also cope with partial shade.

How? I love planting my Euphorbia Characias Subsp. Wulfenii at the back of a border. However, the Humpty Dumpty variety works well in the middle of your border.

Care? Only remove flower heads in autumn and leave the rest to stand over winter. Be careful when removing the stems as sap can cause skin irritation.