Gardening tips for September

The seasons are changing!!

Although the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, this is a fantastic time in your garden to plant and tidy ready for the colder winter months ahead, it’ll be worth the effort!

This month our team of garden experts at Tong recommend…

This is the season to plant and our team at Tong Garden Centre are here to help

This is the season to plant! The soil is still warm, so plants will take and roots will establish over Winter, giving you strong, healthy growth when Spring arrives!

Plant Autumn bedding such as pansies, violas, polyanthus, primroses and mini cyclamen can all be planted now to brighten beds, borders and containers.

For selected trees, roses and shrubs this is a good month for pruning time. Some can be damaged though if pruned prematurely so we strongly advise checking with a member of our team if you are unsure.

Keep your lawn in order as after a summer of wear and tear, your lawn will need a little love to see it through the winter months. Don’t be tempted to use the feed you used in spring as autumn lawncare is all about strengthening the roots, and toughening up the grass rather than vigorous growth. It’s also a good time to over seed your lawn.

September is a great time to get on top of perennial weeds to keep your garden weed-free during Autumn and Winter. Talk to Tong’s experts about the best product to beat the weeds in your garden, or consider laying weed control fabric before planting and then cover with a mulch of bark chippings.

Plant Spring flowering bulbs now because they will work their magic over winter to bring you a welcome burst of colour in spring. Buy firm, blemish-free bulbs and plant at the correct depth using compost and bulb fibre – we recommend a height of about two to three times the bulb height but always check the instructions on packaging before planting. Click below to see our team's firm favourites.

Plant your beautiful bulbs now for great results in Spring, ask our team at Tong Garden Centre if you need help
For more hints and tips make sure you speak to our team here at Tong Garden Centre