Father's Day...

It’s that time of the year where it's all about dad as we pay tribute to that very special person!

He's the man who knows best, the man we turn to in an emergency, the man capable of legendary holiday packing, the man with the cheapest taxi service and a man who be recongised by one simple sound...


It's that universal noise that, to the untrained ear, can be translated as "I need a favour, please can you help? It may cost money, your time or BOTH but it's very urgent!!".

It's only fitting that this unsung hero deserves something special this Father's Day but it can be tricky to think of something to get for the man who has done so much for us. So our team here at Tong have shared some of their gift ideas to hopefully help you make dad feel loved this Sunday!

Anna from our Customer Service Team "My dad loves being in the garden, whether it's working or relaxing and he loves adding quirky things to it. That's why I have got him a Vivid Arts animal. There were quite a few that I liked but the koala was perfect. We're just back from an amazing family reunion in Australia so I know this will make him smile and every time he looks at it he'll be reminded of our amazing holiday!"

Katie, Outdoor Plant Team - "This may sound odd, but my dad ALWAYS complains he never has any socks, he's always losing them. So I am going to get him some Gentle Grips which are very comfortable and, because they're from me, hopefully he'll look after them!!"

Jade, Grass Hoppers Team "Because I am at uni I don't see my dad as much as I'd like to, so I am just looking forward to some lovely daddy and daughter time. He loves a nice slice of cake so I am going to treat him to a nice brew and a slice of chocolate cake. I'm looking forward to seeing him and just spending time together, which is what it's all about for me!!"

Tazz, Gift Team - "My dad is always helping me fix things around the house, so much so that he even has his own tool box that he leaves at my house. So I am going to get him a special took box filled with things I know he'll like such as beer, chocolates and even a special mug telling him he's the best dad... because he is!!"

Pete, Marketing Team - "My dad has to travel a lot unfortunately so I am getting him a Brakeburn man bag. It's easy for him to carry and has LOADS of pockets that I know pops will obsess over as he likes having secret compartments. I'll even hide some special treats inside and wait to see how long it takes him to find them all!"

Macauley, Customer Service Team - "For me, it's easy. My dad loves a good Yorkshire beer and with plenty to choose from at Tong, I'll grab him a Yorkshire Brewery selection pack from our Food Hall which has lots of his favourites. We'll then enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the garden, I can't wait!" 

We do hope these few hints help you make the day special for all and, in the meantime, from all of us here at Tong, to all the dads out there, have an amazing Father's Day!!