David Austin Event - All About Roses

We are delighted to welcome world-renowned David Austin Roses® to Tong on Wednesday 3rd July when our expert will be here answering all your questions and offering advice on planting, pruning and overall care for your roses!

David Austin Roses are rose specialists, with decades of growing expertise. They are responsible for breeding some of the finest roses in British gardens today, such as Rosa ‘Harlow Carr’ and Rosa ‘Olivia Rose Austin’.

Take a look at David Austin's basic guide to growing roses!

Aside from times of extreme weather, roses can be planted at any time during the year. The extreme weather conditions that we advise against planting in are when the ground is frozen, water-logged or during a drought. Often people ask, ‘when is the best time to plant’, but as long as you avoid the conditions mentioned, there really is no one best time to plant.

Roses are extremely versatile and hardy plants that can be planted in a variety of positions and locations in the garden. When selecting a planting location, we recommend you consider the following points to ensure the rose thrives:

1. Ensure plenty of sunlight

2. Avoid intense competition from other plants

3. Avoid very exposed, windy sites

Watering is arguably the most important aspect of growing any plant. The right amount of watering will promote a healthy shrub that will flower over a long period.

As a guide, we recommend watering the following amount per rose each time you water:

Shrub roses – 5 litres
Climbing roses – 10 litres
Rambling roses – 10 litres
Standard roses – 10 litres
Roses in pots – 5 litres