Gardening Tips

  1. Our Top 5 Sun Loving Plants

    Our Top 5 Sun Loving Plants

    Beat the heat and create your dream garden with our team here at Tong Garden Centre's top five sun loving plants! 

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  2. Katie's Wildlife Blog

    Katie's Wildlife Blog

    There is a change in the air as September and Autumn draw nearer, not just the cooler often misty mornings but also the faint smell in the air of ripening fruit and damp earth. 

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  3. Grow your own festive treats!

    Grow your own festive treats!

    The sun may still be shining but, with a little bit of skill and good timing, you could be serving your dinner guest’s tasty new potatoes on Christmas Day. 

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  4. August in the Garden

    August in the Garden

    The temperatures are rising!! August is usually one of the hottest months of the year and traditionally a month we like to spend basking in the sunshine.

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