Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Katie Rushworth's Top Three Picks for March

    Katie Rushworth's Top Three Picks for March

    Katie Rushworth’s three plant picks for March are available along with advice on where to plant, conditions for care and how they’ll fit in your year round garden! 

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  2. Plants for purpose

    Plants for purpose

    As well as filling our homes and gardens with an array of beauty and colour, did you know that by choosing the right plant for the right place can save you time, effort and money?

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  3. Cook whatever the Weber

    Cook whatever the Weber

    Come rain, shine or even snow, with Weber, the weather will never get in the way of you and good BBQ food!

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  4. Six Spring Essentials

    Six Spring Essentials

    Spring is officially here! The lighter nights and warmer days are on their way so it’s time to head outdoors and give your garden the TLC it needs, then you’ll reap the rewards all year long!

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